Build Data Driven Customer Journeys on a Platform (PaaS)

-We develop business process though “marketing automation rules” to automatically nurture Marketing Qualified Prospects so your team can focus on closing “Sales Qualified” Prospects first .

The Clarity Marketing Group

“We eat our own cooking by building our business on and around the platform through Marketing Automation.”

The Clarity Marketing Group is not simply another consulting group. We say that “We eat our own cooking because we have built our business on and around the platform leveraging Marketing Automation.”

  • Clients that work with The Clarity Marketing Group understand Marketing Automation technology’s strengths.
  • Clients learn where this technology has its challenges and how to work through them for success.
  • Together we will move your company into the digital age by building a well-integrated marketing machine.

Enterprises seeking to maximize the value of their marketing automation systems will discover that seamless integration with Salesforce CRM is critical. The Clarity Marketing Group’s Salesforce-certified consultants have the marketing and technical knowledge and experience to build the vital connections between these systems that enable enhanced productivity and drive revenue.

Our vast expertise with is coupled with our unparalleled knowledge and background with the leading marketing automation systems—making The Clarity Marketing Group the most capable partner for your Salesforce/marketing automation integration. You’ll experience benefits like:

  • Full real-time visibility into all marketing initiatives
  • Leads prioritized/scored based on lead/contact/account data
  • Views into the entire lead cycle from marketing source to revenue
  • Performance of marketing assets throughout the sales cycle
  • Data synchronization that improves efficiencies and enables effective lead management
  • Full cycle reporting, delivering real data on marketing ROI

As a proud Certified Cloud Alliance Partner, The Clarity Marketing Group will integrate these best-of-breed solutions into one seamless sales and marketing machine.

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