Digital Content Segmented Ad Samples

Leverage Digital Audience Segmentation

– Win all three “Moments of Truth” with an omni channel digital customer journey

Digital Content Samples

By micro-segmenting the potential “prospect pool” on digital platforms, we can target unique advertising content/messages at different groups introducing the same products or services. This strategy is useful supporting top of funnel “Brand and Name Awareness” through social advertising. The ad samples below show multiple digitally segmented pieces of awareness video content for the same services but targeted at different demographic groups.

All Audiences: Introductory Digital Advertisement – 60 sec

Targeted at Females 20-30 years old with interests in fashion and clothes

Targeted at Females 30-50 years old, single or recently divorced

Targeted at mothers with kids 3-10 years old

Targeted at new mothers and with infants

Targeted at Females 50-65 interests in skin care

Targeted at newly engaged brides

Targeted at brides and mothers of brides to be

Targeted at men during December and January

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